Planning Application NP/TPO/1121/1180
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


I am providing a sketch plan with the trees we wish to remove location as well as photographs showing them in position. Also provided is a photograph showing the early signs of ash dieback. Shown in the first photograph is an ash tree with a yew hedge below it which the customer would like removing. The yew hedge does not really serve a purpose as a boundary and is taking up space in the garden that could be better used. The customer initially wanted a reduction doing on the ash tree but I have advised that due to it having early signs of ash dieback it would be in there best interest to remove it altogether rather than having to get me to come back in a couple of years time when the tree has declined completely. Shown in the second photograph is the evidence of the early signs of ash dieback. Shown in the third photograph are 4 cherry trees and 1 apple tree. I am requesting to remove them to help prevent damage to the wall as they have been planted far too close to it.

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