Planning Application NP/TCA/0922/1181
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


1. Hawthorn Tree: Remove due to being partially cut down by previous owner. Now lopsided with loose hanging branch high up. 2. Hawthorn Tree: Remove due being allowed to grow in gateway in stone wall to orchard and it is in close proximity to the house. 3. Hawthorn Tree: Remove due to being a poor specimen ( in shade of beech trees) and will be replanted with shrubs. 4. Possible crabapple or cherry: Remove due to being such a poor specimen it is difficult to know what it is. Unsatisfactory fruiting, possibly due to age or incorrect location. NB: Creating orchard with 5 fruit trees planted. 2 x apple, 1 x pear, 1 x cherry, 1 x plum. Also planting English trees to perimeter of garden - 1 x horse chestnut, 1 x beech, and hopefully 1 x oak.

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