Planning Application NP/TCA/0922/1152
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


T1, T2, T3 - ash trees showing signs of ash die-back - Pollard to remove dead wood. T4 - Large ash tree with a forked trunk showing signs of die-back - pollard if needed in the future. No immediate action required. T5, T6, T7 - Three ash trees forming a clump. One dead branch is overhanging Wetton Road Some dead branches are overhanging graves - 1. Remove dead branches overhanging Wetton Road and graves in the churchyard. 2. Pollard to remove dead wood. T8+ Clump of trees in the corner of the churchyard close to The Nook. There is one large ash tree and four smaller ash trees close together. The ash trees show evidence of die-back with fallen branches on the side of The Nook. The branches have spread into a sycamore (T9) that forms part of the clump and they overhang The Nook driveway. - Pollard to remove dead wood. T9 - Sycamore The proximity of the ash trees (T8+) has forced the sycamore into an unbalanced shape, heavily overhanging The Nook driveway.- Reshape to rebalance

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