Planning Application NP/TCA/0524/0540
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


T1- twin stem Beech tree with poor union at the base. Overhanging the lane and interfering with the phone wires. Recomend 2-3m reduction. T2 - Oak tree suppressed by the Beech and Willow either side of it. Recomend 2-3m reduction to bring the tree back into shape and in line with the other trees. T3 - large multi stemmed Willow many over extended limbs overhanging the neighbouring property and garden Recomend heavy reduction to majorly reduce size of the tree. 4-5m. The garden of the cottage has been left for many years and is now overgrown. The client wants to remove the overgrown shrubs as well as the tree work. Due to the size of the shrubs they do not require permission. But wanted it noted that the plan is to return the garden back to a more inkeeping cottage garden with some fruit trees and possibly veg patches.

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