Planning Application NP/TPO/0522/0615


1)Cut back branches on main road - some overhanging road and some starting to block height restriction signs on the railway bridge again - as previously dealt with 3 years ago by National Trust. 2) Cut back branches and removal of dead branches on Station Approach - some are overhanging the road and pulling at telephone wires. 3) Cut back overhanging branches from back of the Penny Pot Café. I have spoken to Northern Rail and they have advised that unless we need to be on their land to do the cutting we don’t require permission for these. 4) Cut back overhanging branches from land adjacent to The Penny Pot Café (covered with TPO). As part of the decarbonise plan we have secured a grant towards the cost of installing solar panels on the front facing roof of the Penny Pot Café. Obviously there is a slight risk to the panels & roof of possible falling branches etc as well as the added cleaning needed. There is also a the reduction in efficiency of the solar panels from shading

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