Planning Application NP/TCA/1222/1623


70-80 yr old Beech tree clad in Ivy. If removed will give light to the cottage and garden (reduce dampness in lawn?) It will give more space for the Scott's pine and young cherry trees growing on the other side of it. More important reasons given on the duplicate form of this. (Attached to it with drawing of garden). To cut down (or have serious crown reduction - but this will just cause the same problems in future) branches overhanging Undercliff Rd. Subsidence of garden path. The branches run into the telephone wires of the cottages and houses in this area. Storm damage could cause serious problems. 2nd tree (not owner) 8-10 yr old beech tree council land between Buxton Rd and the Rock in between 2Sycamores and an Ash. Yew bush to the right. Blocking view and shading living room of the cottage view of river. Ivy & lower branches removed please.

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