Planning Application NP/TCA/1022/1332
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


Situated behind staff bungalow at Hartington Hall, see location plan. G1 Apples: 3 medium sized apple trees, plus 1 tiny one to the right: fell these to just above ground level. T2 Elm: close to this area is 1 elm tree that has started to die back. It's condition is declining, with some fairly major dead branches in the top. Fell to just above ground level. T3 Beech: large leaning beech tree situated just inside the entrance gateway. Remove the heavy low lateral limb and prune back some of the end weight of the remaining crown, to rebalance the weighting of the tree. G4 Beech: row of beech trees along the farm boundary. Crown raise these to 6 metres, to give plenty of clearance for access on both sides of the trees and also clearance from the roof of the building.

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