Planning Application NP/TCA/0922/1204
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


T1 - Sycamore, Fell to ground level. This tree is an early mature self set sycamore located on the reretaining boundary wall of The Forge, Bamfor Mill. The close proximity of the tree to the property and it's position next to the boundary wall means there may be potential for structural damage from the root system. The sycamore is also a twin co-dominant stem tree with an included union at ground level. One of the stems is significantly weighted in the direction of the property. Failiure of the union has the potential to cause significant damage. *The felling of T1 may well leave T2 exposed and vulnerable. T2 - Alder, end weight reduction of the stem growing towards the property to mitigate the risk of damage to the property.

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