Planning Application NP/TCA/0922/1123
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


Based on arborist advice we wish to fell 3 Ash Trees and a Sumac on the eastern boundary of the garden to 5 Dale Terrace. One ash is approximately 2.5m distance from the top of a 3m high retaining wall adjacent to path and mill, with the concern that in future the roots may damage the integrity of the wall. The second is approximately 10-15 metres from the retaining wall but is positioned such that it is blocking a right of access to a neighbouring garden adjacent to this is another ash recently topped with little top growth. All three ash trees have previously been cut approx 2.5 m height resulting in re growth of poor form. The trees are showing early signs of ash die back, with likely deterioration/death going forward. The trees will be replaced by smaller UK native trees more appropriate to the space ( Hawthorn, Apple and Mountain ash) on the same boundary, away from the retaining wall. Please see tree report for further details.

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