Planning Application NP/TCA/0822/1041
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


6 Mature Ash Trees that have very early signs of Ash Die Back. 1 is 5 meters from a holiday cottage used by the public. Numbered 4 on the plan 1 is 5 meters from a neighbouring property numbered 2 on the plan. 2 are over hanging a public road numbered 2 and 3 on the plan. 1 is close to 2 properties numbered 5 1 is below number 4 and needs minimal work. Ideally we want to preserve the trees and make safe by crown reducing or lifting maintaining the mature tree but reducing the weight of the bigger limbs so habitat won't be lost. We have discussed the work with local tree surgeon Paul Storer who has previously done work for us and seen examples of similar work he has recently undertaken in the village on mature ash trees with die back. It has to be emphasised that we have several other mature ash trees on our property which are in safer positions that we are monitoring and are healthy at the moment our aim is to prolong the life of the trees but ensure they are as safe as possible close to buildings and areas where the public go.

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