Planning Application NP/TCA/0522/0707
Decision: Accept Conditionally
Decision: Accept Conditionally


T1 - a rowan tree located near the entrance to the church, opposite the pub. It has a hollow trunk and rotten wood around the hole at the base of the tree. if this tree were to fall, it would present a danger to people entering the church or people on the road near the Black Lion Inn. T2 - A rowan tree located close to the churchyard wall above the road and the church carparking area. This tree had a distinct lean in towards the church. If it were to fall it would cause the wall to fall and this could damage parked vehicles. T3 - a lime tree near the bend. It has many dead branches and a number dropped into the road and into the churchyard in the storms. It is unsightly. T4 - a tall Douglas Fir which has lost branches in the storms, some are still hanging off. Its height and proximity to the road are a major concern. T5 - a conifer, very lopsided and leaning heavily over the gravestones. If this tree came down it would destroy many headstones and cause a great deal of damage as well as heartache for the local community. Paul Storer has visited the churchyard, examined the trees and recommends the removal of the trees listed here for the reasons stated. He noted also that their removal would also give more room for other healthier trees to flourish.

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