Planning Application NP/TCA/0422/0570
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


Shown in the photographs is a holly that was previously going to be left but on the removal of the neighbouring leylandii as per previous application now looks completely out of place. The intention if the application is successful is to replace with beech hedging to fill in with the hedge that is already there. Also shown in the photographs is a stand of three larch, two of which have been removed as per previous application. The intention was to leave the best specimen as a feature tree but now the rest have gone, although still relatively small in terms of how large larch can get looks completely out of place. So requesting to have this final tree removed. The last photograph shows a leylandii hedge that has been left to grow out of hand. I am requesting that we reduce it to the height indicated on the photograph so it is easy to manage and maintain in the future.

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