Planning Application NP/TCA/0324/0333
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


T1 Damson (Prunus insititia) - Bifurcated trunks, north eastern one failed. Remove tree. Replant with same species. T2 Goat Willow (Salix caprea) - 1m prune to old prune points. Group 3 Mixed Species Woodland - Prune back where boundary trees are over growing into adjacent property. Reduce generally. T4 Aesculus hippocastanum - Trunk branches at about 2m into 4 large boughs. South Eastern bough is failing, with large split forming at the trunk union. Overhanging adjacent pub car park. Urgent action required. Remove whole tree. T5 Ash Fraxinus excesior - roots causing continual lifting of tarmac and low retaining wall. Early signs of ADB. Remove and replace T6 Rowan - Dead and limbless. Remove

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