Planning Application NP/TCA/0324/0276
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


(T1) Yew tree to reduce by around 5m and trim around to balance the shape to this height. (T2) The first of these limes; remove any significant deadwood and crown raise to 6m also reduce the low limb over the drive by 50% (6m) to the suitable vertical pruning point. (T3) Lime, remove any significant deadwood and crown raise to 6m, especially over the drive side. (T4) Horse chestnut: Fell to just above ground level. (T5) Elm then beech trees moving further along drive: Aerial inspect then crown raise to 6m. (T6) Almost dead sorbus remove and stump grind. (G7) Trees around the rear boundary of the lawn: Crown raise these to around 5 metres. These are from right to left - lime, ash, 4 sycamores. (G8) 8 beech trees along the boundary with candlemass house: Crown raise to 5m. (G9) 8 lime trees across the rear lawn: Crown raise to 5m.

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