Planning Application NP/TCA/0123/0021
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


To remove 5 x Ash trees (two with severe die-back disease, 1 x Sycamore tree (growing too close to the farmhouse), 5 x Elder trees (old) and 2 Hawthorn trees, plus some Damson saplings and privet hedging. The trees are mainly around the perimeter of the rear garden. To replace these removed trees with the following: 1x Walnut tree, 1 x Sweet Chesnut tree, 1 x Hazel Nut tree, These three trees are grown on semi-vigorous/vigorous root stock. Additionally, 1 x Quince tree, 1 x Oak tree, 2 x Hawthorn trees and 1 x Elder tree. I'm assuming these will be full-size as they are grown from seed. Finally, there are 1 x Dessert Apple tree, 1 x Cooking Apple tree, 1 x Pear tree and 1 x Cherry tree. These last four trees are on semi-dwarfing root stock which should reach a height of 3m.

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