Planning Application NP/TCA/0123/0012
Decision: Accept
Decision: Accept


As part of a development project at the Cavendish Hotel it is necessary to remove the trees highlighted in this application. There is a building application already lodged and approved with the PDNP with the application no. NP/DDD/0522/0703. The six trees that are highlighted are as follows T1 and T2 goat willows, T3 silver birch, T4 Norway spruce and T5 and T6 hawthorn. As part of the building application approval it states that any trees removed will be done so on a one to one basis. It is our intention to replace with six ornamental cherries in the area highlighted on the sketch plan which will become a sensory garden. We feel this is the best choice of species as it is in keeping with the numerous cherries that are planted around the car park.

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