Planning Application NP/GDO/0123/0011
Decision: Prior Approval is not Required
Decision: Prior Approval is not Required


GDO Notification - Excavations or Deposits of Waste Material - The pond will be constructed from the natural soils occurring on the site. Internal and external surfaces will be grassed with a mix of perennial grasses to provide stability, low visual impact, water filtration capacity and water uptake. Depth has been kept shallow (maximum 1.5 metres) and bank slopes shallow (1 vertical: 4 horizontal) for safety reasons as there is no space limitation.The banks of the pond will be raised above the surrounding field by a height of not less than 0.2 metres on the western side. The ends will rise up to existing ground level. The shallow bank slopes will allow it to be managed in a way to create wildlife habitats. The structure will be protected by a perimeter stock proof fence, at least 1.2m high with 2 strands of barbed wire above. At least one “Deep Water” warning sign with red boundary to be placed on each length (side) of fence. The shallow internal bank slopes combined with the perimeter fence negate the need for a shelf within the pond. Livestock will not be allowed to graze the area within the fence.

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